10 Best 10 Gallon Fish Tanks

10 gallon fish tank

Seeing an aquarium full of beautiful fish tends to uplift the mood of most people. The satisfaction one gets from feeding the fish or watching them play is relaxing. Choosing a new tank for your fish can be a tricky process.

With tons of fish tanks available online, one might feel overwhelming while trying to pick the right one. There are several factors you need to consider to keep your fish healthy.

Apart from food and decoration of the tank, the build and size of the tank play an important role in their good health. Here are a few 10-gallon fish tanks picked for you based on various factors like size, durability, ease of install and more.

10 Gallon Fish Tanks, Reviews

#10 Aqueon Fish Tank with LED Lighting

Aqueon Fish Tank with LED Lighting

The Aqueon 10 gallon fish tank has a hood with LED lighting that disperses the light coming from the LEDs uniformly and acts as a cover for the tank. The LED lighting enhances the beauty of the tank and gives it a glowing effect that makes it look cool, especially at night.

The tank has a preset heater that maintains a constant temperature of 78C in the aquarium. This keeps the fish and plants inside the tank warm during winter and prevents them from perishing.

The fish tank also features a QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter with a red light that blinks repeatedly to indicate that the cartridge needs to be changed. It comes with a fish net, fish food, a stick-on thermometer and a water conditioner.

Pros: It comes with all the essential accessories and the heater helps the fish and plants survive winter.

Cons: Limited aeration because of the low airflow rate of the filter

#9 Marina Three-Stage Filtration Aquarium Kit

Marina Three-Stage Filtration Aquarium Kit

The Marina 10 gallon fish tank is a good choice for new fish keepers. The fish tank comprises a clip-on filter with a three-stage filtration system that keeps harmful organisms, unwanted chemicals and debris at bay.

This ensures that the water is always clear and clean while the tank does not have any foul smell. The filter comes with quick-change cartridges.

The LED lighting system in the canopy keeps not only the aquarium but also the room very lively and vibrant in the dark. The fish tank comes as a complete package including a fish net with a soft mesh, a water conditioner to keep the water safe, fish food and installation instructions.

Pros: It has a three-stage filtration system and water conditioner to ensure water safety.

Cons: LEDs need regular replacement as they fail due to contact with water

#8 Aqua Culture Starter Kit

Aquaculture Starter Kit

The Aquaculture 10 gallon fish tank is a high-quality aquarium that is made of durable glass. There are silicone sealants in all corners of the tank to prevent any leakage from the corners that can possibly cause a mess.

Apart from adding to the beauty of the aquarium, the LED lighting helps you have a clear glimpse of your fish even at night.

The tetra internal filter keeps the water clean which in turn helps the fish to remain healthy. The filter also has cutouts to enable easy replacement of filter cartridges and feed your fish without having to remove the hood.

Pros: It’s made of durable glass and comes fitted with LED lighting.

Cons: Power of LEDs is not sufficient to stimulate proper growth of the plants present inside the tank

#7 GloFish Tank with Robust Construction

GloFish Tank with Robust Construction

The GloFish 10 gallon fish tank is highly durable and comes with all the essentials for you to get started with your aquarium. It includes gravel and ornate stones that help you create a replica of an ocean floor or a riverbed. This makes your aquarium look beautifully decorated.

The silicone sealing is airtight and properly fitted so that there is no mess due to leakage. The water conditioner eliminates foul odors and always keeps the water clean. The filter helps in avoiding unwanted elements. The filter can be cleaned very easily with just one rinse while the filter cartridges can be replaced and installed without any hassles.

Pros: It offers a soothing effect because of the blue LED lighting and includes gravel and ornate stones

Cons: Small fish might be trapped in the filter because of the strong flow rate

#6 Tetra PLAYMOBIL Explore 10 Gallon Kit

Tetra PLAYMOBIL Explore 10 Gallon Kit

The Tetra 10 gallon fish tank has energy-efficient and low-voltage LEDs that consume less energy. These lights are also free of mercury that makes them a better option than fluorescent lamps for the environment. The hood encompasses a feeding port to ease the feeding process and minimizes the loss of water due to evaporation.

The three-stage filtration system with a medium sized filter cartridge helps in filtering out unwanted biological, chemical and mechanical content. The scratch-resistant tank can be cleaned without any difficulty. The tank comes with a submersible heater and a setup and care guide.

Pros: Reversible aquarium backgrounds give the fish tank a new look every day. It is easy to setup and clean.

Cons: Contains small parts that may present a choking hazard for children

#5 Penn Plax Fish Tank with Curved Corners

Penn Plax Fish Tank with Curved Corners

The Penn Plax 10 gallon fish tank features curved corners that give it a classy look. The fish tank is made of high-quality durable glass that is capable of withstanding the pressure exerted by water. It features a three-piece construction and comes with a hinged plastic lid. The aquarium is suitable for different types of fishes.

This fish tank offers a clear view of the fish. The LED lights render a calming effect. There is no chance of the wiring getting wet and resulting in electric shock because the bulbs are positioned above the water surface. The filter helps to prevent water odor and discoloration so that the fish remain healthy all the time.

Pros: It’s a frameless bent glass tank with powerful internal filter

Cons: There will be very less space if you add lots of fish because the internal filter and the ornate decorations tend to take up space

#4 All Glass Aquarium with Eco Hood

All Glass Aquarium with Eco Hood

The All Glass Aquariums’ 10 gallon fish tank comes with an eco-hood which has a curved design and a black trim. The fish tank has a sleek profile and is an ideal option for a starter kit. The sealing is done very well and there is no chance of water dripping or leaking and causing a mess.

The lid of the fish tank can be fit and removed very easily. The hood has separate sections for adding a filter and a heater. There are also two places for fitting two lights and a separate slot for the wiring connection. There is plenty of room inside the tank for the fish to move around freely.

Pros: Has a stylish look because of the black trim

Cons: It does not come with a heater and a filter, has poor visibility in the dark because there are no LED lights

#3 Aquaculture Aquarium with Black Trim

Aqua Culture Aquarium

The Aquaculture 10 gallon fish tank is a high-quality aquarium that is suitable for a wide range of fishes. The tank has a very minimalistic design but a classy look because of its black rim. The high durability makes the aquarium capable of withstanding occasional scratches. The glass enclosure features a permanent water-tight seal made of the high-strength silicone.

The fish tank is a great choice if you want to keep it in a small space. The aquarium does not come with a lid and is available as a single-piece construction. This allows you to use the unit straight out of the box. The product can be cleaned very easily. The fish tank is affordably priced.

Pros: It’s the right size for those who want to keep an aquarium in a confined space and it can be used without any assembly

Cons: Pets like cats might attack the fish because there is no lid for the tank

#2 Aqueon NeoGlow Fish Tank

Aqueon NeoGlow Fish Tank

The Aqueon fish tank has an orange fluorescent lining on the edges. The glow keeps the fish tank look bright and radiant. The aquarium has a low profile hood with blue LED lighting that perfectly complements the orange lining. The tank has a black background that absorbs excess light from the LEDs and prevents glare for observers.

The three-stage filtration system of the included filter keeps both the fish and plants in the fish tank healthy because there are no unwanted organisms or harmful chemicals. The hood fully covers the tank and leaves no opportunity for the fish to jump out. The heater ensures that the water does not get too cold during winter and cause the fish to freeze.

Pros: Warm water helps fish survive during winter and it comes with LED lighting protected by a hood

Cons: There is a tendency of orange silicone to chip at times and that might be dangerous

#1 Midwest Tropical Foundation with Octagonal Pattern

Midwest Tropical Foundation with Octagonal Pattern

The Midwest Tropical Foundation fish tank features a portrait orientation and can be kept on a tabletop to save space. The fish tank offers a 360-degree view of the fish inside it. The aquarium supports the use of fresh water for its fish. It has a black attached base and a black cap.

The fish tank is made of cell cast acrylic which makes it more durable and 10 times stronger than glass. The tank comes with plants, rocks, and gravel for décor. It also includes a fluorescent light fixture, an under gravel filter, and panoramic seascapes. The fish tank does not include a heater but has an LED system and a water filter concealed in its lid.

Pros: It’s ideal for confined spaces and is more durable than glass tanks because of the acrylic construction

Cons: It could be difficult for the fish to thrive in the cold season because there is no heater

Different variants for the tank

The 10 gallon fish tank comes in two variants. One is the 10 gallon long tank while the other is the 10 gallon high tank. You can choose one based on the space you have for your aquarium. While the former is a good choice if you are not short of space, the latter is worth giving a thought if space is a constraint for you.

Right option for beginners

A 10 gallon fish tank has a compact size that makes it the right bet for fish enthusiasts, especially beginners who wish to set up an aquarium for the first time. One major reason to opt for this tank is the ease of landscaping it offers. These tanks are available as just empty tanks or tanks with gravel, décor, filter, heater and LED lights or a combination of any of these.

Where to place the tank?

The compact size ensures that the fish tank can be kept anywhere based on individual preferences. However, you must consider certain factors such as the sturdiness of the surface. You should also see whether the tank will be affected by the sunlight in the place you plan to keep the fish tank.

Choice of material

Most 10 gallon fish tanks are made of stock glass. They are quite common and a preferred choice in most households. This is because these tanks are often scratch-resistant. However, on the flip side, these tanks tend to be quite heavy and need appropriate support systems. They are prone to damage if they get hit by an object or accidentally fall on the ground.

The other option is acrylic. Acrylic tanks are lightweight in comparison to glass tanks and are easily portable. Although they are durable, they are more prone to scratches over a period of time.

Type of fish for a 10 gallon fish tank

You can keep both freshwater and saltwater fish in a 10 gallon fish tank just like you would do with a 5 gallon tank. However, some aquariums are designed for either freshwater or saltwater. It might be worth checking out on this when you buy the tank. Some fish that are ideal for these tanks are cory catfish, guppy, swordtail, betta fish and angelfish to mention just a few.

How to setup

Almost all tanks come with a detailed step by step instruction guide to help you with the setup process. If you follow them, it will hardly take you an hour to set up the fish tank.