10 Best Cat Harnesses

best cat harness

Many cat lovers think that their cat might not like the outside world and some may fear that the cat may run away. The truth is a little different, though. Cats love to walk around, almost as much as dogs.

Even if you take them for a walk around the block or in the backyard, they will become more active. To ensure their safety while exploring the outside world, a harness will be the right choice. Keeping a lot of factors in mind like strength, comfort, durability and more, here is a list of top cat harnesses available online.

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#10 Kitty Holster Ultra-Light Cat Harness

Kitty Holster Ultra-Light Cat Harness

The Kitty Holster cat harness would be comfortable for your cat because of the secure and snug fit that it offers. The vest style harness has an undyed cotton lining that ensures it is gentle on your pet’s delicate skin and hair. It comes fitted with a D-ring so that you can attach a leash and take your cat along with you for a walk or when you take the pet to the vet.

The wide straps ensure that there is very little or no chance for the cat to slip out of the harness. The simple design makes the accessory very easy to use for people of all ages. It is available in nine different colors and prints.

Pros: Comes in four sizes to choose from based on the size of the cat. It’s machine washable and has a secure loop and hook closures.

Cons: Tendency of Velcro material in the straps to trap the cat hair

#9 PetSafe Harness with Bungee Leash

PetSafe Harness with Bungee Leash

The PetSafe lightweight cat harness is a good option for indoor training. The accompanying stretchable bungee leash is extremely light on your hands. It can also be used for limited outdoor activities like taking the cat to the vet. The harness is made of lightweight and durable nylon. There are two D-rings on the harness.

The shoulder straps pass through the rings along the back of the cat and hold the harness firmly in place with the right pressure to avoid the chances of the feline from slipping off. The leash can be fixed to one of the rings. The lightweight design ensures that there is no pressure around the pet’s neck. It is available in three sizes and six colors.

Pros: Has three adjustment points around the back, chest and neck of the cat and offers different color choices

Cons: It’s best suited for only indoor use as some cats can easily escape.

#8 PUPTECK Cat Harness with Snap-Lock Buckles

PUPTECK Cat Harness with Snap-Lock Buckles

The PUPTECK cat harness offers the best combination of durability with ease of operation. The cat harness is made of lightweight nylon and has an H-shaped design. This design makes it easy for you to put it on and off of your feline while preventing it from wriggling out of the harness. The harness includes a metal D ring to fasten the leash if needed.

It comes with a 47-inch leash that matches the harness. The snap-lock buckles render assurance of your cat’s security. The neck and back straps can be adjusted to provide a snug fit. The short rope must go around the neck and the long rope should go around the chest of the cat. The harness and leash set is available in more than 10 colors.

Pros: It’s inexpensive and offers a uniform distribution of pressure across the cat’s back and neck.

Cons: Only one size available, ideal only for kittens and small cats with a maximum weight of 12 pounds

#7 Yizhi Miaow Escape-Proof Harness

Yizhi Miaow Escape-Proof Harness

The Yizhi Miaow cat harness offers a secure fit for the cat along with sturdy construction. The polyester cat harness features a vest type design that gives the appearance of a secure jacket. It fits 11 inches to 13 inches around the feline’s chest and 7 inches to 9 inches around its neck. The Velcro closures make the neck and chest straps adjustable while offering you the assurance of a snug fit.

There are two leash rings on the harness for you to fix the leash wherever you feel uncomfortable. One of them is located in the center of the harness while the other is at the bottom. The harness comes with a 47.2 inches long leash. It is available in seven colors and/or patterns and five sizes.

Pros: It helps to make the cat stay put during training and does not hurt because of the padding

Cons: Tendency of hair to be tangled in the Velcro strap if not strapped carefully

#6 Eagloo Cat Harness with Soft Mesh

Eagloo Cat Harness with Soft Mesh

The Eagloo cat harness ensures maximum comfort for your pet with its soft and lightweight breathable air-mesh fabric. The reinforced double stitching of the harness offers assurance of non-ripping when the cat is on the move. The resilient cushioning and soft edges additionally prevent any injury to the feline when the harness is on it.

It comes with four reflective straps and two quick snap-release buckles that make putting on the harness and taking it off very easy for the owner. The straps can be adjusted around the neck and chest for a custom fit. It also has a metal ring to attach a leash when you take the cat for some outdoor activity. It comes in two sizes and four solid colors.

Pros: The reflective stripes offer maximum visibility at night and that ensures the safety of the cat.

Cons: Recommended only for small cats and kittens because only XS and S sizes are available

#5 BINGPET Harness with Two D Rings

BINGPET Harness with Two D Rings

The BINGPET cat harness is made of soft cotton fabric and has a breathable mesh lining to enhance your feline’s comfort while wearing it. The adjustable loop and hook on the cat harness ensure a snug fit while making it easy for you to handle the pet. The vest style harness has two D rings on its back to attach the leash when you take the cat outdoors.

The cat harness comes in yellow color with a bee pattern along with a matching cat collar and a 59 inches long leash. The adjustable collar has a strong snap-on buckle along with a D ring that has a bell and a daisy pendant on it. The accessory is available in medium and large sizes.

Pros: The long leash makes it comfortable for tall people to take the cat out for a walk. It covers the chest completely and offers a stylish look.

Cons: It’s not suitable for kittens and small cats.

#4 Pettom Soft-Padded Cat Harness

Pettom Soft-Padded Cat Harness

The Pettom cat harness is made of durable nylon with air mesh that prevents the cat from being overheated. It also has a soft padding that ensures the feline has less strain on its neck. The plastic closure keeps it firmly fitted without allowing the cat to break free.

The reflective stripes on the harness provide enhanced visibility of the cat in the dark and offers assurance of your pet’s safety. The cat harness can be used easily by cat owners of all ages because of the strong hook and loop that makes the strapping on and off easy. It is ideal for everyday use. It comes in five sizes with five solid color options for each size.

Pros: It’s available in different sizes to suit cats of any size and is comfortable for use throughout the year.

Cons: It’s not adjustable and so you must choose the correct size carefully.

#3 TOLEAP Reflective Strap Fitted Cat Harness

TOLEAP Reflective Strap Fitted Cat Harness

The TOLEAP cat harness is made of high-quality Oxford cloth material and features double stitching. The cat harness is a perfect accessory when you want to take your pet outdoors for some fun time. It is adjustable at two positions with one release buckle fitted at the chest strap and the other one present at the neck strap. This adjustability makes it easy to put it on the cat and does not harm it.

The two D hooks offer a firm grip over the leash while the reflective strap glows in low light conditions. The harness comes with a 47 inches long leash and it’s available in three different sizes according to the weight of the pet.

Pros: It’s comfortable on the cat because of the dual adjustability. It has rustproof leash fitting rings and enhances nighttime visibility.

Cons: It’s not escape-proof for all cats as some felines tend to slip away easily

#2 Coastal Pet Vest-Style Cat Harness

Coastal Pet Vest-Style Cat Harness

The Coastal Pet vest style cat harness comes as a single piece in blue color. The lightweight polyester cat harness features a mesh for the comfort of the cat. It offers a secure fit by clasping around the pet’s stomach. The buckles on either side can be adjusted according to the cat’s size and comfort. There is a D ring on the back to attach a leash if needed.

The cat harness can be put on the feline very easily without taking up much time. The accessory is a good fit for daily use especially if you want to take your pet with you for a walk. The nylon material ensures that the leash pressure is distributed uniformly around the shoulders and the neck.

Pros: It’s ideal for cats that tend to try and wriggle out of their harness. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Cons: It does not come with a leash and it tends to be tight around the neck for some cats

#1 Vetoo Adjustable Cat Harness Escape Proof

Vetoo Adjustable Cat Harness Escape Proof

The Vetoo cat harness is made of breathable and comfortable fabric with excellent soft mesh. The cat harness is equipped with two D rings that minimize the pulling pressure on the feline’s neck when the leash is fitted, resulting in less burden. It also includes 3M reflective strips to provide visibility of the pet in low light and assure its safety when you take it for a walk at night.

The two adjustable plastic buckles ensure that you can custom fit the harness on your pet based on its size. The cat harness comes with a matching leash that can be fixed on to the rings without any hassle. It is available in a checked pattern in five sizes and comes in grey and pink colors.

Pros: The D-rings ensure uniform distribution of pressure throughout the chest to prevent choking.

Cons: It may slide out by wiggling and pulling on the leash and the Velcro is not strong enough for a snug fit

Different types of cat harnesses

There are several types of cat harnesses. However, not all models suit all felines. Two types that are often chosen over others are the vest style and H style cat harnesses. The latter is usually less expensive.

The vest style harness is often the most secure harness and comfortable for cats because of their fabric. It can prevent your pet from making an escape attempt. However, on the flip side, this harness can be quite bulky on some cats.

The H style cat harness has a much simpler design and wraps before and after the pet’s forelegs around the neck and stomach. It is held in place with closures or buckles that run along the back of the feline. Some cats find the thin straps of the harness pressing on their body which makes them uncomfortable.

Adjustability feature

Most cat harnesses come with adjustable buckles or clasps to help you get the right snug fit for your pet. While they often allow adjustment around both the neck and chest, some harnesses can be adjusted only at one point.

There are also harnesses that do not support any kind of adjustment. Therefore, you must be extra cautious when you buy such harnesses to prevent them from being either too tight or too loose.

With or without a leash

Most manufacturers offer a relatively long and matching leash with the cat harness for you to have better control over your cat, especially when you take it outdoors. A few others prefer to just provide metal hooks on their harnesses so that you can use your own leash.

What to look for

One of the first aspects that you should look for in a cat harness is its durability. The accessory should be sturdy and withstand its tugging and movements. Secondly, the harness must fit your cat perfectly without allowing the cat to escape.

You must also check the safety of the harness. There are harnesses that come with reflective straps or tapes that glow at low light and provide better visibility of the cat. The harness type and leash support are other factors to consider.

Correct fit of the harness

There is a simple trick to determine whether the cat harness is a perfect fit for your cat or not. All you have to do is to see if you can insert just one of your fingers comfortably between the harness and the cat’s neck. If more than one finger fits in the gap, it is a sign that the harness is too loose.