10 Best Automatic Fish Feeders

automatic fish feeder

Keeping an aquarium full of beautiful fish definitely gives positive vibes but taking care of them is not an easy task. They need constant care and you have to make sure they get enough food at the right time. Nowadays, you can easily get an automatic fish feeder for your aquarium that will release food after specific intervals in the water.

These innovative devices come with various functions to make it easier for you to feed the fish. Even if you are on a vacation for a few days, your fish will remain well-fed and healthy. Here is a list of top 10 best automatic fish feeders available in the market.

Automatic Fish Feeders, Reviews

#10 AsiFancy Fish Feeder

AsiFancy Fish Feeder

Known for its durability and functionality, this fish feeder by AsiFancy can take care of feeding the fish for more than 21 days. It comes with a 200 ml feeder drum that has a moisture-resistant hopper to keep fish food dry. You can set the timer to provide food to the fish for up to four times a day. If you want to feed them immediately, all you need to do is press the manual button to release feed.

It only generates low sound (less than 10db) that does not scare the fish. It has a large HD display that shows all the information like time, battery status, feeding time, power key and more. It is suitable for strip, flake, granular and pellet-shaped fish food. You can either fix it to the aquarium with a holder or you can paste it using double-sided tape.

Pros: It is an energy-efficient fish feeder that can feed up to four times a day. Its moisture-resistant hopper ensures that the food does not get wet or jammed in the feeder.

Cons: Large sized flakes may get stuck in the feeder. It is better to use round pebbles.

#9 Zacro Automatic Feeder

Zacro Automatic Feeder

Zacro fish feeder comes with two power supply options. You can run it on batteries or using a USB wire. It is designed to work for a long time without any additional interference and can hold a lot of fish food. As it uses high-density lithium battery, it can run up to six months on a single charge. It is designed for durability and the batteries can be charged as many as 800 times.

The 200 ml large bucket in the feeder can hold powder, granules, flakes, pebbles and other kinds of fish food. It works best with large-size tanks. It comes with a set-it-and-forget-it design that allows you to enjoy your time away from fishes without worrying about their food.

Pros: The two power supply options and six-month working capacity on a single charge are its best features.

Cons: It is best suited for large size tanks and does not work for smaller aquariums.

#8 Torlam Fish Feeder

Torlam Fish Feeder

Torlam fish feeder comes with AquaBlue timer that allows the users to set the feeding time as per their needs. The set-and-forget design of this device comes in handy, especially when you want to ensure your fish will be well fed while you are not around. There is an option to switch to manual feeding mode as well.

The feeder comes with two installation methods. You can either fix it with the holder or can paste it using double-sided tape. One of the main issues with fish feeders is moisture. As it comes with a moisture-resistant hopper, you do not have to worry about it. It can hold up to 21-days worth supply.

Pros: The device is programmable for up to four feedings a day and the moisture-resistant hopper ensures your food does not get wet.

Cons: The instructions in the manual could have been simpler to understand.

#7 TOPBRY Digital Feeder

TOPBRY Digital Feeder

TOPBRY digital fish feeder is best known for its features and durability. It comes with USB charging capabilities and once the battery is fully charged, you can use it for six months. You can feed your fish for up to four times a day using this device. You can set the portion size to single, double or triple as required. It is ideal when you have different varieties of fish in a single tank.

There is an option to load the feed from the top which means you do not have to remove it every time you are refilling the feed. It comes with a 360-degree rotation of the pedestal that helps in positioning it properly for better dispersion of the food. The 200 ml hopper can hold a variety of foods like powder, flakes or pellets.

Pros: You can load the feed from the top and it comes with two installation methods – fixed using a holder or with double-sided tape.

Cons: Setting it up can be a little tricky.

#6 Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder

Eheim feeding unit is ideal for those who love to have fish at home but often forget to feed them on time. This is also ideal for fish owners who often travel for personal or professional reasons. Setting up this unit is very easy. It is designed in such a way that every time the exact amount of food is released in the tank.

Once filled, it can work for up to six weeks. The drum can hold up to 100ml of feed. The hopper in this device is transparent which makes it easy to check how much feed is left in it. It is designed in a fit-for-all format and you can use it in an aquarium of any size.

Pros: It comes with a simple and elegant design and it is very easy to program.

Cons: There is no option to dispense multiple food types and it is not moisture-resistant, so you have to be a little careful.

#5 UStyle Automatic Feeder

UStyle Automatic Feeder

Suitable for every type of fish, UStyle fish feeder comes with many programmable features. The main aim of this device is to provide the exact amount of feed every time. You can modify settings as per your choice to avoid any food wastage. The hopper can hold different types of foods like flakes, strips, pellets and powders.

The device comes with an LCD display that provides all the information about the timer, feeding quantity and more. As the hopper or food drum is transparent, you can quickly check how much feed is available in it and refill on time.

Pros: It is ideal for aquariums that have different types of fishes and its design helps in reducing food wasted. It is also moisture-resistant.

Cons: The programming needs practice as the instructions are a little confusing.

#4 Wieppo Auto Feeder

Wieppo Auto Feeder

Ideal for feeding the fish multiple times, the Wieppo fish feeder has both automatic and manual feeding options. You can set the timer for 8, 12 and 24 hours. The container can rotate at 360-degree that ensures an adequate amount of feed to be dispersed in the tank.

It can accommodate different types of feeds including pellets and crumbles. As per the instructions, you should avoid using flakes as it can jam the device. It is ideal for both small and large tanks. There are three installation options. If the tank you are using has a cover, the base funnel can feed the fish without any need to remove the lid.

Pros: It comes with two power modes namely USB and battery. Once charged, it can run for six months without interruption.

Cons: If you use flakes, the food might get jammed. You may need to try it a few times to dispense the right amount of feed.

#3 PROCHE Intelligent Fish Feeder

PROCHE Intelligent Fish Feeder

Proche digital fish feeder offers up to three-month feeding capacity. It can run up to four times a day in two rotations every time. You can set the feeding intervals as per your requirement. There is an option to release the feed manually as well.

The device comes with two installation methods and can be used on small or medium-sized tanks. You can fix it using holders on the side, or you can use double-sided tape to attach it to the cover. Make sure it stays over the water so that the food remains dry.

Pros: It is very easy to install and program. It can be used for any type of food.

Cons: The battery compartment can be more secure.

#2 Lychee Aquarium Feeder

Lychee Aquarium Feeder

Lychee’s fish feeder comes with a vacation timer that will feed your pet at the right time. Based on the type of fish you have, you can set the feeding time and quantity. You can adjust the slider to manage the quantity of the feed. It is ideal for up to two feedings every day with a single rotation. You can switch to manual mode as well.

Make sure you install it over the water so that the food does not get wet. You can use different types of food such as flakes, strips, pellets or granules. The company suggests cleaning it periodically with warm water and drying it before using it again.

Pros: It is a battery-operated device and once charged, it can run for up to six months.

Cons: When the hopper is close to empty, the feed may not come out.

#1 ShinePick Automatic Feeder

ShinePick Automatic Feeder

Shinepick fish feeder runs on two AA batteries. It is ideal for those who travel a lot and often get worried about feeding the fish. The hatch-typed door can be adjusted to decide the quantity of the feed to be released.

The robust framework comes with HD LCD with programmable buttons. You can set it to feed the fish for up to four times a day with one to three rotations. The hopper has 200 ml capacity and it can hold feed for up to 21 days.

Pros: It comes with a moisture-resistant design that ensures the feed remains dry.

Cons: Initial setup can be confusing for first time users. Instructions in the manual could have been simpler.

Factors to consider while buying automatic fish feeder:

Size: The first thing you need to consider while purchasing an automatic fish feeder is its size. It must fit perfectly on the aquarium or the tank. If you have a small aquarium, get the one that can dispense a small amount of feed for fewer fishes and vice versa. Always keep the size of the hopper in mind depending on your requirement. A 200 ml hopper can ideally hold feed for as long as 21 days.

Time and Quantity Controller: You must have control over the quantity and the time of the feed. Some fish may need food more than two times while some may need food in smaller quantities. Based on the type of fish you have, there should be options to control time and quantity. An ideal feeder should have a manual feeding option too.

Ventilation System: There should be enough air circulation in the feeder so that the food stays fresh. Also, if possible, get a feeder that comes with moisture-resistant hopper to keep the feed dry. Most of the automatic feeders come with a fan to ensure proper ventilation.

Battery Indicator: The fish feeder you are planning to buy must have a battery indicator so that you can replace the batteries or charge them as required. This feature comes in handy, especially when you are planning to go on a trip. Additional features may include an alarm in case of low battery. Generally, the feeders have either indicator bars on the LCD screen or lights.

Power supply: It will be better if you can get your hands on an automatic fish feeder that has both battery and USB options to power it up. Switching between power supplies will help in reducing power consumption and improving sustainability. If you are planning for a trip, make sure to switch the supply to the battery. Always keep the battery fully charged before you leave for the trip.

Low noise: The fish feeder you are planning to buy should not make too much noise. Ideally, to keep fish calm, it should not make noise above 10 DB. You can find the information about the noise level in the description on the product page.

Durability: The fish feeder you are planning to buy should be durable and made out of long-lasting material. The build of the feeder makes a lot of difference, especially when you travel a lot. To improve durability, you should clean the feeder at regular intervals.