10 Best Low Sodium Dog Food

Low Sodium Dog Food

Dogs are amazing pets but taking care of them can be quite challenging. They have a lot of requirements that need to be taken care of. Even the food given to dogs needs to be checked to ensure that they contain the nutrients required by them.

Sometimes their blood pressure is way too high or their bodies tend to retain a lot of liquids. In such cases, you should feed your dog with a diet that is low in sodium for its well-being. Here are some of the finest low sodium dog foods that you can find online.

Low Sodium Dog Food, Reviews

#10 Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Dogs can be served the same food as humans. Their dietary needs are somewhat different from humans and it is better to provide them food crafted for dogs. For instance, problems in the digestive tract, rashes upon the skin, etc. are some of the common occurrences in dogs that consume sodium-rich diet.

The amount of sodium needs to be curbed and the Purina Pro Plan Dog Food is an amazing dog food with low sodium content.

It is made of meat such as lamb and salmon. Chicken and eggs can cause allergies in dogs at times and have been left out. The dog food is also devoid of any artificial flavoring agents or any preservatives thus making it a healthy alternative for dogs.

Pros: The composition of this food product has a huge percentage of antioxidants. This helps in improving the dog’s immune system. It is also rich in probiotic fibers along with Omega-6 oil which further helps in improving immunity.

Cons: Purina Pro Plan Dog Food is comparatively priced higher than other brands having similar specifications and nutritional values.

#9 Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness Natural Pet Food is primarily made from lamb and barley. This makes way for a very tasty meal for your dog. It also contains other ingredients such as boneless chicken pieces, fruits, leafy veggies such as spinach and so on. Due to the presence of low calorie ingredients, this food will help dogs lose weight.

This is a carefully designed low sodium diet for your dog that even helps them to lose weight and maintain perfect stature. The most significant thing about Wellness dog food is the restricted amount of salt they use in the food. This is immensely beneficial to your dog.

Pros: Wellness ensures a low-calorie diet for your dog. The food also keeps your dog full for a longer time thus preventing overeating.

Cons: Wellness dog food is quite costly and there are cheaper options available.

#8 Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Are you looking for a dog food that has a high percentage of meat and no fillers? Do you want to give your dog a low sodium diet because normal food is causing complications in him? Don’t worry! Here is an amazing dog food that is available to give your dog the best nutritional input.

All those dietary fibers which are important and add to the dog’s development are present in this amazing dog food. Vegetables, salmon, fruits and berries are the tasteful ingredients that go into making this amazing meal.

Digestive activities are enhanced due to probiotics present in this low sodium dog food. Fatty acids in the food improve the dog’s coat and skin.

Pros: Congestive failure of the heart is a terrible condition in dogs that cannot be cured. However, a low sodium diet ensures that nothing like that can affect your dog.

Cons: The only problem with this dog food is that it is only available in just one flavor.

#7 ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food

Just like human beings, dogs too require a balanced diet. However, the diet of a dog is considerably different from that of a human. The food must be low in sodium but other nutrients need to be present in substantial quantities for the proper growth and development of the dog. Orijen is one of the finest and most reliable brands of dog foods that contain very little amount of sodium.

Each serving of Orijen dog food has all the daily essentials for a dog. In this high protein food, 85% of the food has proteins that come from different types of animal sources such as chicken, fish, and so on.

15% of this food is carbohydrates which give dogs the energy to carry out all their activities. The remaining composition comprises of fruits and vegetables. Thus it is a complete balanced setup for the dogs.

Pros: This low sodium dog food has a high amount of animal proteins which is very important for a dog. It also balances the animal fibers with vegetable fibers which is equally important for a dog while keeping a check on the sodium levels.

Cons: The Orijen Dog Food is relatively priced higher than most other similar dog food products.

#6 Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison Formula

Natural Balance Sweet Potato & Venison Formula

High concentrations of salt do not suit dogs and thus Natural Balance has come up with this amazing low sodium dog food to meet your dog’s daily dietary needs. The food is made from a primary meat source and is very rich in proteins. Filler items have been avoided in the making of this food.

This dog food has a rich source of nutrients for your dog. Harmful preservatives and food colors are not a part of the ingredients. It is available in several flavors to give your dog a different taste every day.

Pros: Each food packet is made from meat coming from only one source allowing for a tasty treat for your dog every day.

Cons: The rich constituents make this dog food unfit for small dogs.

#5 Hill’s Science Diet Lamb Meal & Brown Rice

Hill's Science Diet Lamb Meal & Brown Rice

High concentration of sodium salts in dogs causes a lot of complications. If you opt for Hill’s Science Diet dog food, you will be feeding a low sodium food for your dogs. The dog food is manufactured from lamb meal and brown rice and is a rich source of protein and carbohydrate.

A single helping of this food in the morning will give your dog enough energy to be active throughout the day. It is also loaded with vitamins and fatty acids such as Omega-6. These ensure that your dog’s skin is healthy and its coat development is superior. Ingredients such as Chondroitin, Glucosamine and others ensure that your dog has healthy joints and bones.

Pros: A high percentage of lamb meat in this food makes it a tasty food for the dogs. Proteins from meat sources help with muscle development while carbohydrates from rice give your dog the energy to run around.

Cons: Lamb meal is not a source of whole proteins and this leaves the diet of your dog unfinished.

#4 Purina Canine OM Overweight Management

Purina Canine Dog Food

Obesity is a terrible curse upon dogs and the Purina Canine dog food is designed to fight it! This dog food is made from heavy nutrients and a low concentration of salt, thus reducing the overall sodium content. High quantities of sodium can prove to be fatal for dogs in the long run while lack of sodium is equally dangerous for any animal.

The carefully curated concentration of sodium is just right for the proper development and nourishment of your dog. It is made into bite-sized pieces suitable for both young and grown-up dogs. The dog food has a crunchy exterior encapsulating juicy and soft food inside.

Pros: This is a dog food with optimal levels of various nutrients designed to keep your dog full thereby reducing the food intake and maintaining the weight of your dog at a balanced level.

Cons: The Purina Canine dog food is not the ideal food option for young puppies.

#3 Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Chicken Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Premium

High sodium content in dog food leads to all kinds of ailments in dogs. To keep your dog healthy, Rachael Ray offers this amazing dog food with limited but required quantity of sodium for dogs. The food is prepared mainly from chicken and brown rice along with required veggies, added vitamins and so on.

The presence of chicken adds an irresistible taste to this food. Chicken is also rich in fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3 which are crucial in taking care of the skin and improving the coat of dogs.

Pros: The food has low sodium content, is reliable and will improve the health of your dog.

Cons: If your dog is a picky eater, this is not the best food for its daily needs.

#2 Fromm Gold Dog Food Weight Management

Fromm Gold Dog Food Weight Management

Fromm dog food is a healthy and impressive alternative for your dog’s daily food requirements. This dog food comprises of different animal proteins such as duck, chicken, lamb, and liver. It also comprises of whole eggs.

All these protein-rich items together make way for a lovely and filling meal for dogs. It also has traces of other minerals such as taurine which enhances heart health and L-carnitine. The food also has a low concentration of sodium, which is great for dogs.

Pros: The Fromm dog food offers a great flavor for your canine friend because of the variety of meats that are part of its ingredients.

Cons: This dog food is not free of grains such as wheat and soy, unlike other dog foods.

#1 The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food

If you are looking for top quality food for your dog then you can rely upon the Honest Kitchen Dehydrated dog food. This is one of the best dog foods, especially if you are looking for a food with low levels of sodium.

This dog food is available in different flavors. You can choose from turkey, beef and chicken, among others and your dog is sure to love all of them. It contains no filler items such as wheat, soy, etc. and is completely made from processed and dried meat.

Soak the food in water before giving it to your dog to make it irresistible. The use of the freeze-drying process ensures that all the nutrients are well preserved in this food item.

Pros No preservatives have been added in the making of this dog food. The lack of useless fillers enhances its nutritional value by a huge margin.

Cons: This dog food contains a lot of meat and is not the ideal option for feeding young puppies.

What are the benefits of Low-Sodium Diet?

Sodium is an essential mineral that helps in maintaining the electrolytic balance in a dog’s body and promotes the conduction of nerve impulses. If you feed your dog with the right proportion of low sodium foods, it can offer several benefits to your dog. Apart from managing certain body conditions, it can also ensure your dog’s good health in the long run. Here are some of the benefits of a low sodium diet.

· Low sodium intake will prevent your dog’s blood pressure levels from rising too high. This will benefit the dog’s heart and various other organs.

· With limited sodium intake, dogs won’t feel the need to drink a lot of water but will still stay hydrated all day. This is because low sodium foods will help your dog’s body retain more water.

· A low sodium diet will help older dogs affected by Osteoporosis, muscle and nerve problems. It can either prevent senior dogs from such conditions or lessen the pain if they are already affected.

Difference between Low-Sodium and No-Sodium Dog food

Some people think that Low-Sodium dog food and No-Sodium dog food refer to the same thing. However, this is far from the truth. No-Sodium dog food does not contain any sodium, either as inorganic salts or in association with organic compounds. On the other hand, Low-Sodium food has low concentrations of sodium in the form of inorganic salts.

How to know whether your dog needs Low-Sodium food?

A high quantity of sodium is not advisable for dogs! High amounts of sodium cannot be tolerated by a dog’s body. It can cause problems in digestion and may also lead to renal failure in dogs. Only a veterinary examination can tell you if your dog is consuming too much salt which is revealed through checking the heart rate and blood pressure.

At the same time, taking away sodium entirely from your dog’s diet can be fatal and may even lead to strokes. Before you engage your dog in a low sodium diet, it is better to consult a veterinary doctor.

What is the ideal mix of nutrients for dogs?

Dogs, like humans, require a balanced diet for proper sustenance. The main components of a balanced diet for dogs comprise high amounts of protein and carbohydrates. The former enhances muscle growth while the latter provides your dog with energy.

Other nutrients that are required by dogs include vitamins and fatty acids. Vitamin E and Omega-6 are essential for the proper development of a dog’s coat.

There are many ingredients to which certain dogs are allergic too. Grains do not go well with dogs quite often. Chicken and eggs also cause allergies in dogs at times. They may be a part of the meal only if your dog can digest them without any problem.

The perfect diet for a dog is one that has good quantities of protein from lean meat and carbohydrates. It should also contain a low concentration of salts as dogs do not require as much salt as humans. Too much salt can be fatal to dogs.